Check out Young Tre of 50G'$ Notch1 Changes Being Made on Soundcloud.
50G'$ Notch1 Natevkidd will be releasing the video for his new track! My Mind soon as he is released from the padded cell of HOLD ME BACK Insane Asylum.
50G'$ Notch1 presents their Young Female Artist Keke.Check out Keke music video! Life,Laugh,Family on Youtube Featuring! Natevkidd,Young Tre, and the Fam. Click the link below
What's good. 50G'$ Notch1 presents Young Tre Oh Ight (Oh Aright) Video feat.Natevkidd shot on location in New Orleans and produced shot by! Camo Solider,Keke,and Jordan. Press the link below
50G'$ Notch1 Natevkidd What It Do video feat. Young Tre,The young Female Artist Keke, and the Fam. Press the link below and enjoy.